What’s On has video of Oleg Sherstyachenko’s Dubai freerunning stunt. The viral video shows him freerunning in Dubai at Sofitel Hotel.

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Dubai’s spot as a haven for extreme sports has taken another big death-defying leap forward after footage emerged of a freerunner leaping between small platforms some 43 floors above the ground.

Oleg Sherstyachenko, a professional stuntman, posted a short clip on his Instagram page of his latest stunt at the Sofitel Hotel in Dubai Marina.

The video shows the daredevil hopping across the small triangular platforms jutting out from the side of the building, hundreds of feet above the ground. So high is Oleg, that cars are barely visible on the road below.

Oleg Sherstyachenko

Original published in April, Oleg’s act has now been picked up all over the world, which in turn has highlighted the extreme lengths he goes to to entertain. Also on his page from the recent trip to Dubai is video of him performing a handstand atop another Sheikh Zayed Road skyscraper, dangling his feet of another, and even doing sommersaults on the narrow beams between structures.

The emergences of these images comes just weeks after the world was wowed by the breathtaking Dream Jump experience, in which a group of professional athletes leapt from Princess Tower opposite The Palm.


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don’t be afraid to fall

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