What’s On has details of the best online food stores in the Abu Dhabi area including Yas Farm, Down to Earth Organic and Secrets Fine Food.

Where to buy organic produce
– Juice bars
Healthy dishes in AUD

Yas Farm

Fresh farm-grown food at the click of a button. This Facebook page lets you order organic and free-range poultry, dairy products and wheatgrass to your door. Unique items up for sale include free-range pigeon, a delicacy here, and raw camel and goat’s milk.


Down to Earth Organic

Based in Dubai, this shop front also has online delivery to Abu Dhabi and focuses on how you can live a greener lifestyle. In addition to organic food, there are also chemical-free products, textiles (organic cotton sheets) and cosmetics from Bentley Organic. Deliveries to the capital must have a minimum order of Dhs500 or more.


Secrets Fine Food

Ideal for chefs and foodies looking for high-end and artisanal products. Organic Welsh lamb, organic kopi luwak civet coffee, and fresh edible flowers sourced from France are available here.


Gluten-Free Supermarket

For those of you with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, this website offers a range of bread, pastries, flour, cereals and more. After stocking up on your goods, check out the recipe section to get some inspiration on how to use your groceries. Deliveries to Abu Dhabi occur
on Tuesdays.