What’s On has the latest new cinema releases in Dubai, including trailers for Terminator Genisys, The Gallows, Pixies and Minions.

A reboot of the 80s classic sees Kyle Reese time-travel to save Sarah Connor. The twist? She’s not the one that needs saving. Oh, and Arnie’s back too.

Horror from the makers of Paranormal Activity. High school theatre students are haunted by the ghost of a boy who died on opening night of their school play.

Hilarious Despicable Me prequel, in which the little yellow scene-stealers are recruited by super-villain Scarlet Overkill. Features Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm.

A surefire tearjerker celebrating man’s best friend. When a young marine is killed in service, his trained military dog is left in the care of his grieving younger brother.

Family-friendly animation about Joe Beck, an average guy who thinks he’s rather unlucky and clumsy, but is actually just under a pixie curse. Obviously.