We’ve seen temperatures soar to 50 degrees this summer, which is enough to be considered unbearable for us two-leggers, let alone our four-legged, fur-covered friends. We fill you in on hot dogs and how to help them.

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It seems the UAE for dogs may be just one big, hot parked car. The recent deaths of four dogs and the near-deaths of 10 more at just one vet practice have prompted experts to speak up, warning dog-owners of the dangers that the Dubai and Abu Dhabi heat imposes upon our furry friends.

Dr. Sara Elliott, a veterinary surgeon at the British Veterinary Hospital in Dubai spoke to The National earlier this week, saying she’d seen a bump in the number of emergency emissions and dog deaths during the sweltering summer months of 2015.

“We have had four dogs die this year on the way into our practice, and successfully revived 10 more from heat-related issues since it started getting really hot. Who knows how many poor animals are perishing out there through negligence and ignorance.”

Sara went on to mention how heat-stricken dogs require immediate attention – and that the first thing you should be doing is trying to cool them off. This can be done by placing cool packs in the groin and armpit areas, or by covering them with cold wet towels.

If possible, you should also pop your pup in front of a source of cool air to help bring down their overall temperature.

If you really want to avoid the sun this summer – head down to My Second Home Luxury Pet Resort and Spa, believed to be the world’s biggest indoor doggie park at 5,800 square metres. The spa comes with an air-conditioned simulated park complete with artificial turf and facilities for canine daycare, giving your fido somewhere they can frolic where they’re not at risk of spontaneously combusting.

MSH-Dog-Park-Landscape_1The grounds of My Second Home Dubai (we’re getting cricket ground vibes. That’s a compliment). 

Keeping your canine cool is extremely important – so we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips to beat the heat.

1) Exercise your dog either early in the morning or after sunset. This is when the temperature is at its lowest, making the walk more comfortable.

2) Put the back of your hand on the ground. If you can’t hold it there for more than 15 seconds without it burning, it’s too hot to walk your dog.

3) Get your pup some doggie boots. Not only are they hilariously cute, they also serve as a good way of protecting your dog’s feet from the hot ground.

4) Keep your dog hydrated. Take a bottle of water out with you when you go walking. A hot dog is an unhappy dog, and they can’t sweat – so keep an eye out for excessive panting and drooling and bloodshot eyes.

5) Find new ways to keep your dog cool. One nifty trick to beat the heat and keep them hydrated is to fill a balloon up with water, freeze it, then remove the balloon. You’ll be left with a ball of ice that your dog can lick away at. Set up a paddling pool in the shade – even throw in some ice balloons – lay down a wet towel, or get the sprinkler out to make sure your pup stays perky under the summer sun.

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