The majestic creatures can reach lengths of up to 12 metres, and one was spotted in the waters of Dubai Marina today. 

A whale shark was spotted swimming in Dubai Marina’s waters on Friday afternoon, giving onlookers quite the surprise.

In this video posted on Twitter you can see the shark navigating the waters just below one of the suburb’s pedestrian walkways.

The below photo of the shark was also posted on Facebook:

whale shark

While intimidatingly large – they can reach lengths of up to 12 metres, the same length as a large school bus – whale sharks are actually harmless, eating plankton rather than people.

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In fact, this particular shark is a social media savvy, and has already set up its own Twitter account:

And while we’re all welcome to follow the rising star of a shark on Twitter, Emirates Diving UAE has asked people to leave the shark alone if spotted, as it will likely be able to make its way out of the Marina waters on its own:

The sharks are hard to track for definitive research, although it’s believed the females tend to travel to the Arabian Gulf to give birth.

The aquarium at The Atlantis famously held Sammy The Whale Shark for 18 months, before freeing him in 2010.

Sadly, a five-metre juvenile whale shark was found washed ashore in Abu Dhabi in November 2013. It died after getting tangled up in a fishing net.

Here’s a photo that gives you a sense of just how huge the world’s largest fish really is:

A whale shark coming up to say hi in the Philippines | Photo by @jaypeeswing

A photo posted by Earth Pics (@earthpix) on



– The pattern of spots around the shark’s gill are unique to each individual, similar to our fingerprints.

– A whale shark’s mouth is over a metre wide.

– Their only known predator is humans.

– They live for over 70 years.


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