Dubai Municipality (DM) has put out an alert after a poisonous snake was found aboard a flight that landed in Dubai.

Yes, a snake on a plane.

The African puff adder (also known as the bitis arietans) was found in an air cargo shipment according to the DM’s pest control department. It would not say where the flight had landed from. The above picture of the snake was provided by DM.

This is the first official sighting of the deadly breed in the UAE, although they can be found in the Dhofar region of Oman, southwestern Saudi Arabia and in parts of Yemen.

The snake is responsible for the most snakebites and fatalities in Africa, partly due to the fact it doesn’t retreat like most snakes do. It tends to lay near footpaths and blow air out as a warning. Although most fatalities due to a puff adder bite are due to poor treatment and medical neglect – as, with the right antivenom, the bites are not usually fatal.

DM described the snake as having a wide, yellowish head: it can weigh up to six kilograms.

Here’s a closer look at the puff adder: 

And – wait for it – here’s an African wild cat battling a puff adder:

– Dubai Municipality has asked the public to report any sightings on their hotline 800900.