Today marks the opening of a new section at Mall of the Emirates, and the good news for film lovers is that there’s going to be a whole new cinema too.

The new VOX complex means 24 new screens, including a 4DX theatre, the first laser IMAX in the Middle East, a special ‘VOX Kids theatre, and the much awaited thEATre featuring food by Michelin-starred chef Gary Rhodes.

Here’s a breakdown of what each will offer:


imax at VOX mall of the emirates

IMAX have long been an innovators in entertainment tech, and we’re pretty pumped to see their latest laser projection system in the new Mall of the Emirates cinema. The new laser IMAX will be the first of its kind in the Middle East, and only the 5th in the entire world, bringing cinema-goers an unparalleled viewing experience. The new projection setup promises some of the sharpest, brightest and most vivid imagery, and a better method of audio immersion. And if that’s not cool enough, the screen is absolutely gigantic.

Top tip: Get a seat at the back in the very centre, as that’s the best position from which to be able to take in the whole mammoth curved screen.

VOX thEATre by Gary Rhodes

rhodes theatre at VOX mall of the emirates

Forget overpriced popcorn and soda, and tuck into Michelin grade food and drink instead: Gary Rhodes’ new thEATre concept blends the worlds of film and fancy food. The four Rhodes theatres look like a very posh courtroom, and have 36 seats each. The menu involves posh flavours in finger food form: options include foie gras paninis and lamb and date tagine fritters. The theatre itself comes kitted out with big comfy reclining chairs (and pillows and blankets), and a button to call for assistance as required. Sounds remarkably like business class on an airplane, except this time the food’s a bit better, and the screen’s a bit larger.

Top tip: The inside word is that special menus will be created for big film releases – British haute cuisine come Bond release time, perhaps?

rhodes theatre at VOX mall of the emirates


vox 4dx

Bringing a whole new level of immersion to the world of cinema, 4DX incorporates motion and environmental effects to your viewing experience through the use of special motion chairs. There are scent-sprayers on the back of each chair so you’ll be the lucky recipient of Tom Cruise’ fresh halitosis during Mission Impossible, or Chris Pratt’s pit sweat in Jurassic World (only joking, it doesn’t go that far). But if you haven’t tried out 4DX yet, you definitely should once the new cinema opens. It’s a brilliantly unique way to watch a film that can’t be replicated at home.

Top tip: You can turn the ‘water’ function off on your chair if you’ve just had a fresh blow dry and don’t want to get wet.

VOX Kids


There’s nothing worse than a crying kid in the cinema… or on a plane… or by the pool. Well, anywhere really. VOX seem to have noticed that, and have solved the problem with the addition of the new VOX kids cinema. Complete with colourful wipe-clean chairs, interactive game zones, appearances from kids’ movie characters and birthday packages-a-plenty: the two new kids cinemas will ensure your little one stays entertained for eons.

Top tip: There’s a separate kids room connected to the cinema that you can book out for parties and the like. That’s a truly balling birthday bash. Also, when not in use for private bookings, this room will play kids content that any little ones (accompanied by an adult) can chill out and watch pre movie.

vox cinema kids room

All of this can be enjoyed when the Mall of the Emirates extension opens to the public at 3pm on Monday September 28.