The brand new Dubai Design Week gets going from this Monday, bringing works of art and design from all over the world to the city. Here are some of the pieces to look out for.

Art installations, design fairs and workshops will be popping up across the city when the first ever Dubai Design Week kicks off from October 26 to 31.

Celebrating local and international talent, this new event is also a chance for Dubai Design District (d3) – which has gone quiet since Meet d3 in April – to really shine as it hosts most of the 60-odd activities planned.

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The annual four-day fair, running from October 27 to 30, is dedicated to the best things happening in contemporary design worldwide. Whether you’re an art aficionado or a bit of a rookie, there’s something for everyone at Dubai Design Week – even better, everything’s free.

Here is our pick of the five things to check out:

 1.     Love Project

Love-Project- dubai design week

Ever wanted to show someone how much you love them? Now you can. This installation by Brazilian architect Guto Requena, uses sensors to tap into the emotions of people as they recount a personal love story. Then, using a special kind of software, he transforms this data into a mandala pattern – a bit like a snowflake – which is put through a 3D printer. You’re left with a physical representation of your love. Each one is entirely unique.

October 26 to 31

Building 8, Dubai Design District, Taxi: Dubai Design District, off Ras Al Khor Road. Tel: (04) 384 2000. 

2.     Happaratus

Happaratus dubai design week

Forget about your hammer and chisel, and go check out this ‘power glove’. With oscillating abrasive pads on the fingertips, when wearing this people only have to use their digits to sculpt hard materials such as wood and stone.

Not only does it mean no more tools, but it also makes beautifully smooth and detailed sculptures. The brainchild of Morten Grønning Nielsen from the Royal College of Art, it’s just one of 50 inventions from the greatest young minds on display at the Global Grad Show. Be sure to see the organic material that harnesses energy from body movements, the app that monitors hormone levels and something called a Scent Clock.

October 26 to 31

Global Grad Show, Atrium 6, Dubai Design District, 9am to 10pm. Taxi: Dubai Design District, off Ras Al Khor Road. Tel: (04) 384 2000. 

3.     Soundweaving


This installation will be music to your ears, literally. Hungarian design student Zsanett Szirmay and musician Bálint Tárkány-Kovács have turned their country’s traditional folk embroidery into melodies. By lasering the patterns into fabric strips as a series of holes, they’re able to play them through a small music box, which visitors are then able to control. Especially for Dubai Design Week, the artistic duo has also put the patterns from Afghan artisan rugs through the musical transformation.

October 27 to November 5

Tashkeel, Nad Al Sheba, Taxi: Nad Al Sheba Police Station. Tel: (04) 3363313.

4.     Ripe Market


It feels like these food and craft markets are cropping up all over the UAE, and now they’re even part of Dubai Design Week. A pop-up weekend market, visitors can peruse and buy products from local artists, designers and artisans, while also sampling food from the trucks and independent businesses on offer. There’ll also be acoustic music, live cooking stations and some crafty workshops to keep children busy.

October 30 to 31

Dubai Design District, 9am to 6pm. Taxi: Dubai Design District, off Ras Al Khor Road. Tel: (04) 3807602.

5.     The Untitled Swing Project

This playful piece from Jordan runs on teamwork and collaboration. When you play on the swings it triggers sounds and sights to pop up around you: the more people swinging the greater the visual and audio effects will be. It’s part of Abwab, a walking exhibition of six outdoor pavilions, each one dedicated to a different country – the UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. Every pavilion has interpreted the theme ‘Games: The Element of Play in Culture’ in their own special way, so expect lots of interactive features to play with.

October 26 to 31

Abwab, Dubai Design District, 9am to 10pm. Taxi: Dubai Design District, off Ras Al Khor Road. Tel: (04) 384 2000. 

d3-Masterplan-Renderd3’s masterplan. 

– For more information, head to Dubai Design Week’s website.