Most of you will remember that a Dhs1,400,000 Lamborghini Aventador burst into flames in Dubai Marina last month (and many of you will remember the traffic jam after the incident).

Well, a new video has just been released that shows how it happened.

In it you see the mega-powerful Lamborghini revving intensely while waiting at a traffic light in Dubai Marina. It’s obviously all just too much for the car to take, as a flame appears near the engine, spreading when the pedal-pushing continues.

A passenger in a nearby car tries to shout to the driver that his car is on fire, but with all the intense supercar engine noise (there’s also a Ferrari in front of him – how Dubai) he can’t hear a thing and so keeps on driving.

And then, well, it goes very, very wrong…

We’re just amazed that the person in the white car happened to be filming at the right (or wrong) place at the exact time the fire began – could this all be some giant, very costly viral marketing stunt? (Well it’s certainly not one for Lamborghini.)

Just 200 examples of the Aventador LP720-4 were ever made.