What’s On has details about hair metal band Mötley Crüe ahead of their farewell tour performance on Yas Island, at the du Arena Fri Nov 20.

Tommy Lee’s legendary flying drum kit, known as the Crüecifly, tops out at a height of 55 feet above ground, making drum playing incredibly difficult – and scary.

The band is associated with substance abuse problems, fights, imprisonment and turmoil, but they’ve mellowed in recent years – Nikki Sixx now takes great pride in his skill at the family card game Uno.

The band each travel in their own tour bus to allow their families to come with them.

Tommy Lee married his third wife, actress Pamela Anderson, just four days after they met in 1995. They divorced in 1998, but had a number of reunions, eventually splitting for good in 2008.

Mick Mars is already planning a solo career when the Final Tour ends.

The band’s notorious biography, The Dirt, is being turned into a movie. The band have hinted they might record some new material for the soundtrack.

Mötley Crüe have only ever had one female member – Samantha Maloney. She was the second drummer to step up after Tommy Lee left the band in the late ’90s to focus on his solo career, and remained behind the kit until his return in 2004.

When the band was formed, Nikki Sixx suggested it be called Christmas. His band mates did not agree. When Mick Mars overheard another musician describing the group as “a motley looking crew”, they amended the spelling and settled on the name – adding the double metal umlauts in recognition of the brand of hops they were drinking at the time.

Tommy Lee once starred in his own reality show, Tommy Lee Goes To College, which saw him enrol at the University Of Nebraska. It ended after six episodes.

November 20
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