All aboard the hype train! If you’ve glanced out your window this morning, or even peeked at social media, you’ll have noticed something different about the city…

To celebrate the first big rain of the season, here’s our collection of some of the best photos hanging about social media today of this rare occurrence…

1. At least we don’t have to mop our balcony. 

Yup, better get those wellies out! #MyDubai

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2. #milestones

3. Rivers of water on SZR

4. No caption necessary.

Someone is not happy this morning #Rain #dubaiproblems

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5. A beautiful shot of cloudy skies over the Dubai Marina.

6. The Burj Khalifa through a veil of rain.

7. And then immersed in the cloudy sky.

8. What a difference a few drops make.

9. More overcast skies after this morning’s rain.

10. Strong winds and drizzle down on Kite Beach.

11. A great shot of the city and accompanying rain clouds.

12. A wet window in JBR.

13. Admiring the wet weather from the comfort of a car.

14. Dubai International Airport looking a little soggy.

15. Wet weather comes with the standard accompanying traffic jams.

16. The city under ominous skies.

17. But we actually kind of love being outside in this weather.

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