In a next-level use of puddles, a man has been filmed wakeboarding down the streets of the UAE. He was filmed surfing, but he’s not catching waves. Oh no, he’s riding what looks like the side roads of Sharjah.

You read that right: wakeboarding, on a gravel street.

*MORE PICS: The rain across the UAE today*

The Instagram video shows the young man wakeboarding through the pools of water that always collect when there’s a downpour in the UAE. He swerves past a car with Sharjah license plates before continuing his one-handed maneuvers.

It’s unclear if it was filmed today, but it certainly looks like it was, and it’s already been shared many times after it was posted a few hours ago:

When life gives you lemons – aka, a rainy gloomy day and soggy streets, make lemon with mint.

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