They’re probably the coolest cover band in existence, and they’re coming to Dubai…

Nouvelle Vague are a band known for adding Brazilian-style bossa nova beats and French je ne sais quoi to the New Wave and Punk hits of the 1970s and 1980s.

So yes, they’re a cover band, but in a very French, very classy way.

The good news for fans, or even just for those keen to explore their musical horizons? The band’s doing a gig in Dubai on March 11 at the Music Room.

Here’s one of their covers, which fans of comedy may remember from the Bridesmaids soundtrack (while fans of the Violent Femmes may just miss the original):

The band’s name directly translates from French to ‘New Wave’, a play on the music they pay homage to, as well as a reference to the French cinema movement of the 1960s.

Founded by Parisian producer Marc Collin and guitarist Olivier Libaux in 2004, the band has a number of different female vocalists on roster that contribute to the shows and songs at any given time (we’re not sure which of the vocalists is coming to Dubai yet).


According to NPR, the band often seeks out younger singers to collaborate with, so that when they cover the songs from the 1970s and 1980s they have zero preconceptions about how the numbers should be performed.

And while the music of the late 70s and early 80s are the band’s distinct go-to, they have also covered some newer music, including tunes by the Queens of the Stone Age (who peaked in popularity in the early noughties).


Here’s one of our favourites from Nouvelle Vague – their cover of the 1977 Sex Pistols hit God Save The Queen: 

The Music Room, Majestic Hotel, Mankhool Road, Dubai. From 9.30pm Friday March 11, tickets Dhs250. More info on Facebook. Tickets at Platinum List.

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Photo: Nouvelle Vague/Facebook