With Donald Trump churning out nonsense about Islam at every turn, a Dubai-based comedian took to the UAE streets to get opinions about modern Muslims.

What do non-Muslims who live in a Muslim country – aka the UAE – really think of Muslims?

This was the question posed by Dubai-based comedian Mina Liccione in her going-viral video The Shocking Truth About Muslims. 

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“As a Christian-American married to a Muslim I was horrified when Trump made headlines stating that Muslims should be banned from entering the USA,” Mina told EmiratesWoman.com when asked why she created the film.

“He said a lot of racist and hurtful things and this statement put me over the edge. Rather than getting angry and doing nothing I decided to use my talent and passion for comedy to do something positive.”

And here is that something positive: a YouTube clip with 25,000 views and counting starring a diverse range of Dubai residents…

We love it. We adore the ‘listicle’ of famous Muslims – Dave Chappelle, Mohammed Ali, Mos Def, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Malala (great company), and really dig the talk of being terrorised by food. This video is something Donald Trump should definitely watch.

It’s also a great reminder of how we live in a uniquely blended city, and how that’s one of the best things about Dubai.

As one of the women in the video says: “I just can’t condone the kind of hatred and xenophobia that is being directed at our Muslim brothers and sisters. We’re all the same, we all live to love, and beyond that I can’t see that anything else matters.” Testify!

And, to remind us all that not all personalities in American politics are xenophobic and ill-informed, here’s Bill Clinton talking while campaigning for Hilary earlier this month: