This real-life Abu Dhabi wedding is so extravagant, colourful and big that we just had to share.

Roshini Daswani met Raj Kewalram in London. She was based in Hong Kong, and he lived in Bahrain. And so they got married in Abu Dhabi this December.

Why the UAE? Well the couple had a multiple-day, activity- and outfit-change-filled wedding, and wanted to find a property that could fit all of their events in, and UAE hotels do opulence and large very well.

We stumbled across this video of their wedding, and had to share: there’s snow, there’s a rave, there’s plenty of ceremony and lots of dancing – and it’s all here in AD.

Here’s a video of the next-level nuptials:

“We wanted our wedding to be a reflection of us,” Roshini told us. “What brought us together, what we love the most and what means the most to our relationship and how our family and friends identify us.”

They ended up getting married – and holding their reception and many parties – at the Ritz Carlton Grand Canal, which worked out perfectly for them:

“It’s a huge property, and I wanted to have all our events in one hotel so it was easy for our guests,” explained Roshini. “My husband’s family live all around Bahrain and Dubai, so the Middle East was home ground for them. But for me, it was an exotic destination, and for them Abu Dhabi also felt like a holiday, so it was perfect for us.”

And it was quite the production, here’s an Instagram from @dressyourface that shows how many makeup looks Roshini had for the wedding… roshini-makeup

And here are all the outfits that were involved:

And they even filmed a wedding music video:

The happy couple have just had their honeymoon – travelling across New Zealand, Tahiti and Australia, and they’re now based in Bahrain together.

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