World Art Dubai is on this weekend, and it’s your chance to find a piece of original art that you can afford.

Over the next few days you’ll find 3,000 paintings, prints, sculptures and photos on the walls of Dubai World Trade Centre.

Except, unlike with most international art shows, all of the pieces at World Art Dubai will cost between Dhs360 and Dhs36,760 (aka US100 to US10,000). The fair, which is now in its second year, will see 140 galleries and artists from around the world. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to move beyond the generic IKEA-style canvases of Manhattan and are looking for a piece of original art to hang on their walls.

The show will also feature creative workshops every day from 4pm to 6pm, as well as art talks (see the programme for those here) and live painting from 5pm to 7pm each day.

Plus, on Friday and Saturday there will be a Ripe Contemporary Design & Craft Market, a Jam Jar DIY art pop up and food trucks (Toastd, El Greco and Mama’esh).

Want a better idea of the kind of work you’ll find at the show and how much you’ll have to spend? Here are five pieces of art that will be there…


1. Trapped Flowers by Erato Kantouna, Dhs360

Erato-Kantouna--Trapped-flowers[1]Erato Kantouna is a professional photographer who lives and works in Cyprus. She’s particularly inspired by the natural world.

2. African Sunset by Waliondo, Dhs1,700

Waliondo-Rise-of-Cultures Here’s what the Taara gallery has to say about this work by African artist Waliondo: “The tribal dances of Africa are portrayed in swirling and bold circles of red, orange and yellow hues. Tribal figures overlay the fierce circular sunset as they dance and play instruments. The scene seems chaotic, but the form of the circles in the background provide balance and grounding to the lively scene being played out in the foreground.”

3. Neon Zebra Eye by Sikazwe, Dhs1,325

Sikazwe-Neon-Zebra-EyeThis work is also from the Taara gallery, which sources art from African communities and makes sure the artists are able to continue to do their work. Here’s what they have to say about this piece: “An abstract painting that uses the stripes, colours and lines of a zebra to produce a slightly hypnotic, if not almost psychedelic piece.”

4. Kids by Daniel N. Johnson, Dhs2,938.


Daniel N. Johnson is a New York-based photographer who has travelled to 35 countries – many of his works are shot underwater. This work is from his series called Saltwater Cure that shows people in the ocean, all around the world.

5. Zeina Bacardi, Untitled, Dhs750


Zeina Bacardi is a Lebanese artist based in Beirut – her watercolours are at once evocative of illustrations from the past while still being very contemporary.

Dubai World Trade Centre. 2pm to 9pm, Wednesday April 6 to Saturday April 9. Dhs15 entry. More info on website.