It’s starting to get hot outside, right? Harder to leave the comforts of your AC on a Saturday afternoon, right?

Well, from flowers to pharmaceuticals, our friends at good mag have rounded up 47 of their favourite people on speed dial to deliver everything to your door.

You’ll never need to leave the house again…


01. 800 Pharmacy


From legitimate medical emergencies to the more mundane – a packet of Panadol and some Berocca to cure last night’s ills – 800 Pharmacy will deliver everything from cosmetics to first aid kits and pharmaceutical advice from across their 13 stores.

02. Aster Pharmacy

Alternatively, you can try Aster Pharmacy’s 24-hour delivery service, as they’ll deliver your medicine direct to your doorstep. Just call 800 ASTER or 800 27837.

03. 800 Doctor

Set up in 2009, 800 Doctor employs a staff of fully licensed medical practitioners trained in family medicine, paediatrics, nursing, physiotherapy and gynaecology, and will attend your home or office. This means you no longer have to Google your symptoms late at night and – inevitably – come to the worst-case scenario.

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04. Health Call

Already a growing trend in America, you can now get an IV vitamin treatment delivered to your door to help cure colds, fatigue, nausea and, yes, even hangovers. Containing IV fluids, vitamin B and C and an oxygen intake, prices start from Dhs400.

05. Health Bay Polyclinic

Not only do Health Bay offer an excellent array of services, they’ll also provide at home help including temporary nannies, night nannies to help with sleepless nights, and maternity nurses to help with any baby related issues during what can be a stressful period. Call Rebekah on 04 4565778 or email to


06. Netflix

Suit-TV series

So Netflix UAE might not have all the content of our square-eyed American compatriots, but it does have Orange is the New Black, excellent new Judd Apatow series Love and back seasons of Suits, with more content added every week. And with a free one month trial, and subscription just Dhs30 a month after that, you can binge watch to your heart’s content.


07. Flowers

Quick and easy to use, The Flower Shop will get you through wedding anniversaries, Mother and Father Days and will even remind you of up-coming dates. They offer same day deliver of plants, orchids, cupcakes as well as Godiva Chocolates.

08. Gorgeous Flower Co


The Gorgeous Flower Company is the only fresh cut flower company in the Middle East that offers a 5-day freshness guarantee, with a beautiful range of lilies, roses and bouquets, with prices starting from Dhs135.

09. Mumz World

From nappies to strollers, potties to bikes, Mumz World has pretty much everything your child needs (plus a good range of maternity clothes as well). They offer
free delivery on orders over Dhs200 within 3-5 days.

10. Ikea

It’s a well-known fact that 37% of all divorces can be tracked back to an ill-fated Ikea expedition. So take the stress out of the situation by ordering online. The shop by ‘room’ function is easy to use, and they’ll deliver goods with 48 hours.


11. 800 Tailor

Satwa might be your best bet for tailors, but the traffic and the trek can put you off. Welcome then to 800 Tailor, a custom-made service that brings sartorial elegance to your home. Everything from re-sizing to patchwork, pockets and wedding suits are covered.

12. Mr Draper


You want to look good, but who’s got the time to mall trawl when you’re supposed to be brunching/getting fit/at the beach? Dubai site Mr Draper solves that issue for the dapper man: a stylist hand picks clothes for you and ships them to your door. Try them for 5 days, and just pay for the clothes you keep, with styling and delivery free.

13. Style Me Divine

Whether it’s looking for a work wardrobe, getting the right outfit for a special occasion or a closet detox (oh hey harem pants), Kelly Lundberg and her team of crack stylists will get you catwalk ready in no time. Prices start from Dhs500 for a 2-hour session.


14. Azza Spa

A dedicated home salon and spa experience, Azza Spa have a wide range of services for men and women, including hair botox, massage, nails, Moroccan bath, facials, body treatments and bleaching. Appointments can be made online, or by calling 800 2992.

15. Home Spa Dubai

Too stressed to face Sheikh Zayed Road (we know the feeling), but need a massage? Home Spa Dubai offer a range of massages including pre and post natal, sports and Thai as well as waxing services. Prices start from Dhs350 for a 60-minute massage.

16. Tu Vida Fitness


Trainer Louise works with women, especially those over 40, and those looking to get into fitness for the first time (or after a long time). Based in Jumeirah you can work out on the beach or she’ll travel to your home or gym. She’s utterly lovely, with a loyal client base that enjoy her company as much as they appreciate the results.

17. Jes Body Fitness

Looking to shape your bikini body, or just looking to get in shape? Then qualified at home personal trainer Jes Body is available 24/7. An early Instagram adopter, she’s a certified personal trainer who believes in hard work with balance, with sessions starting from Dhs250.

18. Tips & Toes

We love a trip to the nail bar, how about Tips & Toes professional staff at home with your feet up and a glass of vino in hand and Netflix on – now that’s the life. All branches apart from Palm Jumeirah offer nail care, eyelash extensions, waxing and threading at home, with a minimum charge of Dhs200, plus you need to pick up their taxi fare.


19. Right Bite


After meeting with a dietician, Rite Bite will create a 7-day meal package based on your needs and requirements. Even better, the dishes taste good, and are low in fat, salt, sugar and calories, costing Dhs1,060 for a week-long package.

20. Hello Chef

This time-saving site will send food and recipes for a four-day menu from two to six people to your door every Sunday. Delicious dishes include the likes of Vietnamese Chicken and and Spinach Crepes, with prices starting from Dhs280. Chef Olivia also uploads kitchen hacks and recipe ideas online, and the step-by-step recipes (with plenty of photos) are fool proof.

21. Sarnie Station


We love The Sarnie Station for its simplicity. Choose your bap of choice, add in one of seven fillings, 10 extras, a choice of three cheeses and seven sauces. Prices start at just Dhs18 and the best bit is no calling, no emailing, you just WhatsApp your order to 050 482 7756 and they’ll deliver it within 40 minutes.

22. Fruitful Day

Being healthy can be hard work, so let Fruitful Day make it easy – from Sunday to Thursday, they’ll drop a regular box of fruit or a discovery box directly to your home or work. Orders start from Dhs95, and deliver fresh fruit that’s in season and sustainably sourced.

23. Hummingbird Cupcakes


Whether it’s cakes or cupcakes for a birthday, event or anniversary – or just because it’s a Tuesday morning and it’s too early for ladies night– Hummingbird will deliver their sugary treats across the city seven days a week between 10am and 8pm. Minimum orders for cupcakes – dangerously – start at just Dhs40, with the triple chocolate our favourite, obvs.

24. Pinkberry

In a country where summer temperatures routinely hit the high 40s, getting frozen yoghurt delivered is an essential luxury. Pinkberry use fat free yoghurt and have a range of flavours (we can’t see far beyond chocolate though), and a range of toppings from the healthy (blueberry) to the not so healthy
(Oreo cookies).

25. Deliveroo


Ever wish you could have a Sum of Us coffee delivered to your door, or Baker & Spice’s infamous breakfast Shakshouka? Deliveroo does just that, offering delivery service for dozens of high-end restaurants over the city, for just Dhs7 delivery fee and an average 32-minute wait.


26. Baby Steps

Congratulations, you’ve just had a baby! Commiserations, you now have to endure endless red tape and bureaucracy. Or you could employ Baby Steps to get your child’s birth certificate, visa and Emirates ID card processed meaning you can enjoy your first few days together in a blissful insomniac haze.

27. Shamil


While car registration has been streamlined in recent years in the UAE, it’s still something easily avoided by using Shamil’s service. They’ll pick up your car from home or the office, deal with the paperwork and the vehicle testing, and deliver it back for around Dhs200 extra. Call 800 4559 and ask about their VIP Service.

28. Protech

Laptop not responding (and you’ve tried turning it off and on again)? Internet on the blink? Protech will give you professional advice over the phone, and pick up any hardware that needs repairing. They’re also an authorised re-seller for Apple, meaning you can get excellent second-hand laptops at a fraction of the original price.


29. Shampooch


Not only does a Scooby Doo-esque van turn up at your doorstep with Shampooch’s home service, but they’ll give your pet a one-on-one service they’re unlikely to forget. Operating in over 11 areas of the city, they have several high tech services including a Hydrotherapy bathing system, a high velocity hair dryer, and cater to most breeds of dogs and cats.

30. Royal Pets

Make your pets feel like The Queen’s corgis with the royal treatment at home. This Grooming Salon and Spa offers mobile pet pick up and drop off and a range of packages meaning your pet can be suitably pampered. Full grooming package start from Dhs160 for cats and Dhs180 for small dogs.

31. Groceries to go

The clever mums at Sassy Mama Dubai ( share their top companies for delivering to your door, from one man operations to the big supermarkets

Fruit & Veg

32. Go Organic Me


Healthy boxes galore: veggies only, fruit, mixed, packed with juicing ingredients or tailored for babies and toddlers. A hand-picked group of local farms supply the ingredients that are harvested every morning before being put into the boxes. The boxes are available for weekly deliveries and can be purchased online for home delivery. We have to say that the site isn’t super user-friendly, but the boxes themselves get the thumbs up from our mamas in the know. Wheat grass, eggs and organic milk also available.

33. Greenheart Organic Farm

Locally grown and harvested fresh fruit and veggies – all organic of course – grown right here in the UAE and delivered to your door. Set up and run by Elena Kinane, Greenheart is all about offering the very best fresh produce, grown from heirloom seeds in carefully monitored soil (Elena is very hands on and oversees the entire process – often getting her own hands dirty too). There are also organic free-range eggs, home-made goats cheese, raw honey and all sorts of other tasty treats to choose from, and there is a selection of organic cheese now available, too. Delivery is free over Dhs130.

34. Ripe

Ripe Market returns, at Zabeel Park

The organic farmers market comes direct to your door with Ripe’s selection of boxes – whether you’re juicing or just want to make sure that your fam is getting their weekly dose of fruit and veg then this is for you mamas – and there’s lots of other produce, from eggs to baby food and pantry items all available on their online store too.

Meat & Fish

35. Martin’s Meats

Martin’s Meats is owned and run by Irishman, Martin, who loved the old fashioned idea of groceries being delivered daily by a regular guy whose name you knew – and who now makes all first deliveries for new customers himself. Martin’s Meats has had rave reviews from many of Dubai’s online mama communities, and for good reason. From poultry to red meat, seafood to pork (if that’s your thing), all produce comes from the same wholesalers that supply most of the city’s best restos and hotels – but at a fab price. Whether you’re looking for a ‘party box’ or a regular ‘weekly shop box’ there are all sorts of options to keep your household stocked up.

36. Prime Gourmet


If you’re looking for something seriously good to chuck on the BBQ then Prime Gourmet is one of the best places in Dubai to call. As you can imagine, the selection here is rather beef-centric but there is also chicken, veal and various sorts of (non-pork) sausages on offer – all great quality. They also have a good selection of sauces, rubs, marinades and other stuff that can make or break a steak! Oh and their Gold & Diamond Park store is worth a visit if you prefer to spy before you buy.

37. Springbok Butchery

Once you’ve tasted Springbok’s homemade burger patties you won’t look back – this group of UAE-based South Africans know a thing or two about meat and are on a mission to bring a taste of their native land to our homes. A BBQ pack features everything from lamb kebabs to steaks and gourmet burgers while their ‘Weekly Clean Pack’ guarantees no nasty additives, fillers, gluten or grains of any kind and only 100% natural, grass-fed hormone free beef of the highest quality. Their smoked and dried meat is completely yummy and their turkey is already on order for Chrimbo next year. Want to make life even easier? Next time you’re planning a Braii (that’s South African chat for BBQ) give these guys a call and they’ll, not only supply the meat, but also the equipment, staff and plenty of friendly banter.


38. Koita


We don’t have a milkman here in Dubai, but we do have Koita – and we’re huge fans of their organic milk. Produced by the happiest, grass-fed cows in Italy, this milk is, not only free from all all nasties and preservatives but also has added vitamins A and D3 and is completely delicious to boot. Dairy not your bag? They also do a delicious coconut water to keep you hydrated and healthy. Free home delivery on all orders over Dhs60.


39. Award Deli

This online shopping portal only allows products that have been tasted and selected by a panel of experts, focusing on taste (and not just fancy shmancy packaging) – and therefore ‘awarded’ the stamp of approval. This is a great place to pick up all those yummy little extras that make mealtimes more exciting and your fridge/larder a less dreary place – delicious Parmesan, organic olive oil, luxury muesli and artisan pasta – oh and they do some great gift packs for the foodies in your lives! All orders received before noon are delivered the same day. You know, for when you have a craving for exquisite chocolates…

40. BiOrganic Store

We love this store but sometimes (most of the time) a trip to Tecom just isn’t possible. Well good news – they also have an online version offering a wide range of organic products and brands, some of which are exclusive only to them (most of their stock is shipped in from Europe and beyond).
A great place to pick up some healthy goodies for the clan, plus they have a great selection of GF breads. Only thing is that you have to spend over Dhs250 and pay cash on delivery.

41. Blue Planet Green People


This little shop (with the cutest name EVER) also has a fab online store that sells free range and organic produce such as eggs, juices, veggies and other products free from sweeteners, preservatives and other icky nasties. Check out their preset boxes and dinner kits.

42. Down to Earth Organic Food

With a large range of dried goods and staples such as cereals, condiments, oils and ready-to-eat snacks, Down to Earth Organic has become a well-known brand amongst those shopping for quality. Although they do have a physical outlet, we much prefer just clicking from home with what we need from their online store. In addition to their own brand, they also stock some from Europe and India.

43. El Grocer

A newcomer to the online grocery scene, el Grocer is an app dedicated to making shopping for all the essentials a breeze. Bored of navigating the aisles? Why not give this virtual solution a go instead – just pick what you need, add to your basket and wait for delivery (not for too long though – it’s mega speedy!). The app connects your area’s best grocery stores with what you’re looking for and promises that pricing will be exactly the same.

44. Geant online

The UAE’s first online hypermarket – hoorah! Yes, we all love a trip to the mall for our grocery needs – sans kids and with all the time in the world to browse and cruise the aisles – but frankly this isn’t possible. Geant online is the answer to your everyday shopping needs, there are fresh products, a frozen section, all the stuff for babies (including nappies and wipes at competitive prices) and electronics/home appliances. Delivery is made in reusable Jute bags and not plastic (hooray!) and made between 10am and 10pm daily. Register for offers online and you’ll never miss a deal.

45. Instashop

A grocery app that gets your shopping done in three easy clicks. Delivery is in less than 30 mins (depending on your location), the variety of products is vast (from fresh fruit to birthday candles) and it’s super easy to re-order through your past history/favourites. Currently serving only specific areas of Dubai, these guys will soon be taking the whole city by storm.

46. Organic Foods & Café

organic food and cafe

A Dubai institution and a Sassy Mama favourite – when it comes to organic staples or healthy ingredients such as almond milk, stevia extract, quinoa, spelt, and healthy kiddie snacks, you just can’t beat this place. Their online store is fully loaded with everything from fruit & veg to meat, fish, dairy, baby food, beauty and body care, plus lots more – all organic, of course. Free home delivery on all orders over Dhs250 or Dhs50 for delivery on orders below.

47. Supermart

All the groceries you could need delivered by motorbike or car – in as little as 60 minutes (depending on the area in which you live). From grocery items to home essentials, a baby store and a pet department – there’s not much you can’t get here. There are even magazines and fresh flowers for when you want to treat yourself. All first orders get a 10% discount – just use the code 10SMAE at checkout.

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