If you’re planning a ladies’ night this Tuesday, you might want to reschedule.

Tuesday May 3 will be a dry night throughout the UAE, meaning all licensed bars, clubs and restaurants will stop serving alcohol, starting at 6pm and continuing until Wednesday around 7pm.

The dry night comes as part of the Isra and Mi’raj holiday which falls on Wednesday May 4, with everyone being given an official paid public holiday on Thursday May 5.

This doesn’t mean you have to give ladies’ night a miss completely – most of them have just been moved to Wednesday night, but be sure to call ahead and book.

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Isra and Mi’raj or ‘Ascension Day’ is one of the holiest days in the Islamic calendar that remembers the night-time journey that the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) took to the “farthest mosque”, travelling from Mecca to Jerusalem, before ascending into heaven.

According to estimates, the Prophet Mohammed would’ve taken this journey around the year 621.

After ascending to heaven he spoke to Allah, who then gave the Prophet instructions to take back to his followers, regarding the practice of prayer.

The holiday will be marked with additional prayers and a number of lights to brighten the night.

The next public holiday in the UAE will be Eid Al Fitr – the end of Ramadan – which will likely fall around Thursday July 7.

Here are all the days we’re likely to have off in 2016.

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