Pop superstar Zayn Malik is performing live in Dubai at the Autism Rocks Arena this October. 

Zayn fans you better sit down for this one: the former One Direction star has confirmed that he will perform in the emirates before the year is out.

The British superstar is set to perform at the new Autism Rocks Arena on October 7, that’s almost two years since he waved goodbye to his boy band image and took a chance as a solo artist.

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Zayn made history as the first male UK solo artist to debut at #1 with their first album when he released Mind Of Mine, which has a far moodier and more adult tone than anything One Direction ever produced.

His electronic, R&B slow jam hybrids have been received well, with Pillowtalk giving him the highest first time streams of any first-time solo artist.

Here’s one of the other catchiest tunes on his new album:

Zayn grew up in the UK, and was raised Muslim, with his father British-Pakistani. He was widely considered the strongest singer in One Direction when he was part of the mega boy band due to his incredibly wide vocal range.

You can hear the highs and lows of that range on this tune:

You can pre register for tickets now at 117live.com

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