Remember, rush hour starts earlier in the afternoon over the month of Ramadan.

Be careful on the roads people, particularly in the afternoons: the Dubai Police recorded a total of 250 accidents on the first afternoon of Ramadan on Monday (and they received 2,419 calls in that day alone as well).

Lt Colonel Khazraj Majed Al Khazraji, Director of the Command and Control Centre said “Yesterday [Monday], The Dubai Police Command and Control unit received 2,419 emergency calls and reported 250 traffic accidents, two of which were serious, all between 2.30pm until 7.30pm.”

Al Khazraji urged motorists to buckle up and adhere to the speed limits, maintain a safe distance and drive defensively throughout the Holy Month.

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The Dubai Police have already issued road safety warnings, with fasting having quite a physical effect on the body, including distracting hunger and low blood sugar, which can affect concentration, sight, and subsequently our reaction speeds and alertness.

Right before sunset is the most dangerous time to be on the roads according to the police, since those who are fasting may be in a rush to get home for iftar with their loved ones.

Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the Dubai Police Traffic Directorate said, “We urge motorists not to rush as this puts them, their family and others at risk.

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“Drivers should adhere to the speed limits and maintain a safe distance and drive safely, especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan.”

Al Marzouei also mentioned how members of the public could help monitor violators of traffic regulations using the Dubai Police App or through the toll-free number 800 4353. Not while you’re driving though, obviously.

Road safety tips for Ramadan

1. Don’t drive if tired, either take a short nap or use public transport.

2. Be more courteous with other road users, leave plenty of space between yourself and the car in front, and try to avoid the Iftar rush.

3. Allow plenty of time before setting off on a journey. Keep your car visible by ensuring all your lights are working, and remember to turn on your headlights shortly before the sun goes down.

4. Follow the rules of the road. You’ll not only be endangering yourself, but others too if you choose not to.

5. Road safety isn’t just for drivers. Even if you’re a pedestrian, you should be wary at all times.

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