Dubai Municipality has set up a WhatsApp number to answer residents’ questions about Dubai rumours…

Facebook is full of tales and rumours about everything from Vimto being carcinogenic to sprouts on potatoes meaning the vegetable is toxic. Often, as with these two rumours, these turn out to be completely untrue.

Well that’s where Dubai Municipality has decided to step in. The government body has set up a WhatsApp number that residents can send images, videos or messages about rumours that they’ve heard on the grapevine. The municipality then promises to respond to the query within eight hours, either validating the rumour as true or saying it’s untrue.

Got something you want cleared up? Or spotted something that seems untoward? The number to send a WhatsApp to is +971 50 107 7799

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The head of the complaints and suggestions section at Dubai Municipality, Mohammed Ahmad Al Looz, told Gulf News recently that most complaints are about “shampoos being harmful for the hair, beauty products causing skin reactions, food products being carcinogenic or contaminated and restaurants being unhygienic”.

There are also rumours circulating on UAE social media about perfume causing toxic reactions and worms in green tea.

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