OK Dubai, it’s time to mud up or shut up.

If you’re the type to take things well out of your comfort zone, this one’s for you.

Tough Mudder, the world-famous endurance challenge, is coming to Dubai on December 9 and 10.

The event at Hamdan Sports Complex, organised by IMG in partnership with du and Dubai Sports Council, consists of an eight-kilometre and 16-kilometre course, packed with over 20 different obstacles.

Oh, and if the name didn’t already give it away, the courses will be slathered in more than 500,000 gallons of Grade A mud. None of that B-Grade nonsense.

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As if mud wasn’t enough, there’ll also be 40 tonnes of ice integrated into the course.

Check out this official video of what to expect from the Tough Mudder challenge:

As far as obstacles go, expect rope climbs, wall climbs and a claustrophobic cage crawl on your back through a watery trench with only inches of space to breath.

Oh, and there’s the high-speed slide into an ice-cold watery pit, which requires you to scale a wall to get out.

This clip walks you through some of the classic obstacles, and introduces some of the new ones:

According to Tough Mudder’s website, it takes the average participant around three hours to complete the course.

If you’re feeling chicken though, you are allowed to skip obstacles you don’t feel comfortable with.

You have to be age 16 or over to take part. However participants age 16 or 17 are required to be accompanied by a chaperone.

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It’s not all mud, sweat and tears though. The money raised from ticket sales for the Tough Mudder goes towards Help For Heroes – a charity that seeks to provide better facilities for British servicemen and women who have been wounded or injured in the line of duty.

Since its inception in 2010, Tough Mudder has welcomed a total of 2.5 million participants, holding over 200 events in 10 countries that have helped raise more than US$10 million for charity.

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What do you get if you win? A neat-o t-shirt and a headband.

It’s totally worth it.

Early bird registration can be found on Tough Mudder’s website.

Check out some photos from past events:

tough mudder dubai

tough mudder dubai

tough mudder dubai

tough mudder dubai

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Images: Tough Mudder/Supplied