Five year driver licences, more restrictions on trucks, traffic fines at passport control – here are the new rules that the UAE’s top traffic officials are thinking of implementing…

Have loads of traffic fines? Well you might soon be stopped at the border to pay them before you can leave the UAE.

Why? Well, the Federal Traffic Council (which is part of the UAE government) has recommended that police fines for foreigners be linked to passport control desks at airports, road checkpoints and sea ports, according to the Khaleej Times.


This would mean that expats would then have to pay all outstanding fines before being allowed to leave the country (even if just leaving temporarily for a holiday or short trip).

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While this is not yet a rule of law it is under discussion, and if the ruling was passed the government would install ATMs next to the border points to make paying fines easier.


– There was also a recommendation made to cut the validity of a UAE driving licence down to five years (they are currently valid for 10 years).

– A discussion around banning the movement of trucks from public work departments in some areas at certain times also came up – this comes after residents in JVT have complained about the constant stream of sewage trucks through the suburb.

– The council recommended that the health department gives over the names of people who suffer from diseases that could affect driving, including epilepsy, diabetes and heart disease so that the person’s ability to drive can be evaluated. These people would then need a medical note to say that they are able to drive safely.

drive safely

– They also discussed stricter measures against speeding, suggesting that those who speed by more than 50 per cent of the allowed speed limit (so say going 150 km/h in a 100 km zone) should have their vehicle impounded immediately.

– Another point discussed was decreasing the speed margin of heavy trucks, buses and taxis to be 10km/h over the speed limit (while for standard cars it’s 20 km/h over the speed limit).

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