Dubai’s public school system is about to see a shake up, details here…

Yesterday H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE, approved a new plan that hopes to overhaul the public school system in the UAE and make education bilingual.

After the visit he posted to Facebook to congratulate the State Minister for Public Education Jamela Muhairi for turning up to manage the presentation despite having a baby only three weeks ago.

“I was surprised by her presence on the field,” Sheikh Mohammed said of the new mum (pictured above). “Proud of your dedication and congratulations”.


The reason for Sheikh Mohammed’s visit to the Ministry of Education was so that he could approve a plan to overhaul public school education in the UAE.

Interestingly, the public school system in the UAE will be gradually made bilingual as part of the new way forward. The English syllabus, which will follow the Cambridge English curriculum, will be overseen by specialists from the UAE Ministry of Education and Cambridge University.


“We are counting on the teachers and the Ministry of Education to help school education make a great leap forward,” said Sheikh Mohammed said. “There is no room for excuses. We look forward to developing a new generation of students equipped to use the tools of the future”.


The new curriculum will add subjects like technology, innovative design, health sciences, career guidance, general skills and business management to the public education system.

An ‘Elite’ stream will be designed to allow gifted students an extra challenge, and a key aim of the education will be to build critical thinking and innovation skills.


A new integrated kindergarten curriculum will be introduced, and a reading programme will be built into schools to boost the comprehension skills of students of all ages.


History, geography, economy and social studies will be integrated into one core curriculum, and the maths programme at public schools will be developed to make sure they’re on par with international standards.

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