There are 10 new traffic cameras on Sharjah roads that monitor more than just speed.

Ten radars that can monitor when people overtake on the hard shoulder and motorists that don’t properly observe lanes have been installed on Sharjah roads. They will be operational in the emirate as of today.

The Sharjah Police say the ‘traffic camera’ has a high degree of accuracy and was locally-made.

The radar will crack down on those who drive on the hard left of roads (where there isn’t in fact a lane) to avoid traffic. The high resolution camera will take pictures of people who drive recklessly in this way.

In a list published in 2013, the fine for overtaking on the hard shoulder was Dhs600, with six black points. 

Today 10 of the radars are installed and functioning – you’ll find them on Al Ittihad Road, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road. 

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There’s a plan to install more soon too, with a study conducted by Sharjah Police showing that the radars will ease traffic at peak hours by 30 per cent, a change that will be very welcome in the congested city.

Sudden change in speed, particularly when lane changing, is one of the world’s most common causes of non-accident-related traffic jams.


The speed cameras on Al-Jeradiyah and Omar Bin Al-Khatab Street in Khorfakan have recently been adjusted so that they flash when someone speeds at 101 kilometres per hour. They used to only fine those going at 121 kilometres an hour or above. The Sharjah Police say they made the adjustment to boost safety on these roads.


In the emirate of Sharjah you can also be fined Dhs500 for washing your car on a public street, which the municipality describes as “an uncivilised act”.

Photo: Sharjah Police.