XDubai have released a new video in collaboration with Skydive Dubai, and it’s awesome. In their latest flick, four of XDubai’s wingsuit crew can be seen whizzing through Dubai Marina.

We’re not joking. They’re quite literally flying through the skyscrapers of Dubai Marina – coasting in between buildings and zooming past balconies.

Here’s the video:

The video starts with the jumpers putting the size of Dubai Marina’s buildings into perspective.

“Everyone thinks that big buildings are in New York… people don’t realise, they’re not this big.”

Another jumper compares the buildings to mountains, saying, “It’s the same altitude as mountains that we jump off in Switzerland. So to be here at home and proximity-fly through man-made mountains… it’s amazing.”

A different jumper continues with, “Childhood dreams are being Superman and Batman, and flying through buildings.”

The crew can be heard communicating via headsets throughout the jumps, and at one point one of the wingsuiters can be heard saying, “Wahey! I just whipped past this dude on his cellphone.”

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XDubai are no strangers to adrenaline-packed videos.

Their most famous of which features Jetman – a jetpack-propelled man who can be seen soaring in tandem with an Emirates Airbus A380.

Here’s the video:

Another video shows some XDubai base jumpers leaping off a platform attached to the world’s tallest residential tower – Princess Tower in Dubai Marina.

Check it out:

In their Burj Khalifa Base Jump video, professional base jumpers Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet leap off the top of the world’s tallest building – filming it in 360-degrees to give the viewer a sense of what it’s like to jump.

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