It’s the finaaaal countdooown… do do do do dooooo….

Love karaoke bar Harry Ghatto’s? Well tonight is your last chance to belt out a tune there, because tomorrow the 16-year-old haunt is shutting down.

That’s right, tonight (Wednesday November 2) will be the last time Living on a Prayer will be belted out at the Emirates Towers venue (because, let’s be honest, that one must be sung at least nightly), as of tomorrow its doors will be shut.


Oh, and that’s not all, the adjoining Japanese restaurant Tokyo @ The Towers is also closing down (but ET Sushi, which is just downstairs, remains open).

Both concepts opened in 2000, but Jumeirah has decided it’s time for something new.

What will be taking their place? Well, we don’t know that yet, but what we do know is that the new concept will open in 2017 and that it will be something “brand new” (so not just a renovated karaoke bar and Japanese restaurant then).

See you at Ghatto’s tonight? 

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