We have actual goosebumps from watching the trailer of this new uplifting UAE film… 

The Lights of Rome is an upcoming football documentary from Image Nation that follows the Cinderella story of the 1989 UAE national football team, who managed to qualify for the 1990 World Cup.

It’s a tale many of you may not know about, but trust us, it was a big deal here when it happened…

Earning a spot at the 1990 World Cup in Italy was a remarkable feat for the team – and an accomplishment that hasn’t been repeated since.

“No one expected us to win, and for the first time it showed the world exactly who the UAE were,” said Mohammed Al Mubarak, chairman of Image Nation Abu Dhabi. “I’m hoping we can re-create these feelings once again sharing the talents, the history and the culture of the UAE on the global stage.”

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The film includes interviews with UAE football legends Ali Thani, Abdulrahman Al-Haddad and Khalid Ismaïl – who scored the now legendary goal against West Germany, among others.

So when can Abu Dhabi residents watch the film? After the world premier on November 17 in New York, the film will be shown in cinemas in the UAE from December 1 for approximately two weeks.