Ever feel like your ‘Recently Added’ section on Netflix hardly ever changes? Well that’s why we’ve put together a list of everything new coming to Netflix UAE in December…

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Our top picks? Captive on December 9, Guillermo de Toro’s children’s series Trollhunters and the Barack Obama series Barry. 

For adults

These are the new documentaries, shows and movies coming to your Netflix UAE account this month…

December 1

Elementary: Season 4


The latest season of the modern Sherlock show with the excellent Jonny Lee Miller has now dropped on Netflix.

Good Witch: Season 2

This Hallmark character uses her powers for good (obviously).

Paid in Full


A 2002 crime drama film set in Harlem in the ’80s.

Zero Point


An acclaimed 2014 Estonian film about a young man whose life is tough – and he soon discovers that he’s the only person that can turn it around.

Nazi Gold In Argentina

An old-school HBO documentary.

10 Year Plan

A 2014 rom-com about two friends with very different tastes.

The Watcher 

A 2000 thriller movie starring Keanu Reeves that has a measly 10 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Miss India America 

A 2015 film featuring the wonderful Hannah Simone from New Girl. We see ourselves watching this on a gloomy Saturday.

Beyond Bollywood 

A taping of a stage show extravaganza featuring the best of Bollywood dance.

King Georges

A 2015 documentary about a passionate Philadelphia restauranteur and his restaurant closing down.


A devastating documentary following the community that suffered the Sandy Hook tragedy (and illuminating how the gun laws in the US didn’t change after the school shooting).

Too Late 


Starring the excellent John Hawkes as a private investigator who is tasked with finding a woman from his own past.

Angels in the Snow

A Christmas TV movie. Cotton candy for the brain.

A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale

A rom-com about dogs and Christmas. Again, cotton candy for the brain.

How Sarah Got Her Wings

Another fluffy Christmas TV movie. If any of you catch the flu this month, these kinds of films should be just the ticket.

Rodeo & Juliet


What a pun. This is the actual IMDB summary: “A young woman from the city moves to the country, meets a special horse, and is taught how to barrel race by a handsome cowboy”.

Merry Kissmas


Another Christmas romcom – this one about a woman who breaks up with a controlling choreographer and then meets a gent in the elevator…

The Spirit of Christmas

Another TV movie (also a romance), this one from last year.

Also on December 1: Natural Selection, Court


A Bollywood crime drama starring Akshay Kumar that is inspired by true events.

The Violin Player

An Indian film from this year that follows one day in the life of a session violinist.

Across Grace Alley


A beautiful coming-of-age short about a young boy who observes a neighbour through his window as escapism from his parents’ divorce.

1000 Rupee Note

An old woman receives a bribe and so decides to go on a shopping spree (which doesn’t go well).

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert


Comedians don’t get more legendary than Pryor. This set is from 1979.

Rainbow Time 


A beautiful, sensitive drama film starring the inimitable Melanie Lynskey about Todd, who grew up under the shadow of his older mentally challenged brother Shonzi.

White Girl


This film that tells the story of a girl’s big night out in New York City is tense and gritty.

West Coast Customs: Season 1

A reality show that takes you behind the scenes of an LA customs shop.

Also on December 1: Hitler: A Career, Court, Natural Selection, Interrogation, Love for Ten: Generation of Youth: Season 1 (South Korean), President: Season 1,  Nightmare High: Season 1 (South Korean), Spark: Season 1,

December 2

For the Love of Spock

A documentary that charts the life of Leonard Nimoy, aka Spock.

Also on December 2: Hello, My Twenties!: Season 1 (South Korean)

December 3



A Mexican film about a model who lives a jet-setting life until she falls in love with an artist.

December 6

Reggie Watts: Spatial


A surreal set from a comic innovator who spins tunes, yarns and jokes.

Blue Jay

A made-for-Netflix movie by the wonderful Mark Duplass about former high school sweethearts who reconnect after 20 years. It stars the equally exemplary Sarah Paulson.

December 8

Other People


A very well-received 2016 drama film starring Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons (of Friday Night Lights fame). Expect to cry.

Also on December 8: The Cuba Libre Story: Season 1

December 9

Club de Cuervos: Season 2


A Mexican dramady series about a family battling for power after their patriarch dies. Good for those of you wanting to practice your Spanish.

Fuller House: Season 2


We weren’t in to Season 1, but if you enjoyed the Full House sequel you’ll be glad to hear there’s a Season 2.


A made-for-Netflix supernatural thriller film. The production value looks good.

Captive: Season 1

A Netflix-original documentary series that reconstructs history’s most high-stakes hostage negotiations, with kidnapping victims recounting their terrifying ordeals. One for Making a Murderer fans?

Also on December 9: Madame Antoine: Season 1 (South Korean), Break Up Club (Hong Kong)
December 10: May We Chat (Hong Kong)

December 11

Asperger’s Are Us

A documentary about a comedy troupe with Asperger’s: funny and moving.

December 12

Expediente Santiso

An Argentinean film about a reporter fighting to get his life back after he is mentally broken by his daughter’s disappearance.

Also on December 12: Sendero, Marias: Faith in Womanhood 

December 13

Let’s Be Evil

A horror film centered around augmented reality.

December 14

At All Costs

A documentary about the big business of youth basketball in America.

December 15



A 2014 horror film starring Rose Leslie from GOT. 

This Is The Life

A 2008 Ava DuVernay doco that explores the world of South LA hip hop.

The Good Wife: Season 1 to 7


We are almost jealous of anyone who hasn’t watched this legal procedural drama starring the wonderful Julianna Margulies: all seven seasons drop on Netflix today. Get ready to binge. Actors like Michael J Fox, Christine Baranski and Alan Cummings also star. So good.

Californication: Season 1 to 7


Another opportunity to binge watch is the fact all 7 seasons of this excellent and wry David Duchovony will be uploaded today. It’s a very dark comedy with a lead character who is at once wonderful and intensely unlikeable.

Also on December 15: Amdavad Ma Famous (Indian short film), 3 Türken & ein Baby (a German film), Miss Panda & Mr. Hedgehog: Season 1 (a South Korean sitcom), Color of Woman: Season 1 (South Korean show), Goodbye My Wife: Season 1 (South Korea), Happy And: Season 1, Heaven’s Garden: Season 1 (South Korean), An Immortal Classic: Season 1 (South Korea).

December 16


A portrait of Barack Obama’s time at college in New York in 1981 (when he went by Barry) – a time when he was struggling with his identity, his parents, and was beginning to become the man he is now.

Also on December 16: Love In Her Bag: Season 1 (South Korean)

December 17

Van Helsing: Season 1

A Syfy horror series about a world overrun by vamps and a badass female vampire hunter called Vanessa Helsing.

December 19

Jack the Giant Slayer

A 2013 Brian Singer take on the fairytale.

December 20

Call My Agent!: Season 1


A funny French show about the hectic, thankless life of those who works as agents to the stars.

Gabriel lglesias: I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry

A comedy special from the stadium-filling American comedian known as ‘Fluffy’.

Also on December 20: Daemonium (2015 Argentinean film).

December 22

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

A documentary from the distinctly-voiced Werner Herzog about the Internet and how it’s affected our society (if there’s anyone who’s going to have an interesting take on the WWW it’s this guy).

December 23

Travelers: Season 1


A time-travel drama series that looks tense and escapist.

sense8: Season 2


A far-reaching Netflix series that follows eight strangers around the globe connected by a special ability. This is the premiere date for Season 2.

The Blacklist: Season 2


A creepy James Spader carries this action series. It’s very ‘bingeable’.

Also on December 23: D-Day, Boys Over Flowers: Vol. 1

December 25

When Hari Got Married

A documentary film about a cab driver’s arranged marriage.

Also on December 25: My Runway: Season 1

December 27

AJIN: Demi-Human: Season 2


The second season of the Netflix-original anime series that follows high schooler Kei Nagai who also happens to be an immortal demi-human.

Chasing Cameron: Season 1


A TV show starring Vine star Cameron Dallas – it’s a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a new media sensation.

December 28: Spijt (Dutch drama film)

December 30



A documentary that follows the genuine obsession of sneaker collectors – from Tokyo to Japan.

December 31

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Series 3

The third series of the popular Aussie murder mystery show. Perfect to watch with a cup of tea.

Big in Bollywood

A well-acclaimed 2011 film about an American actor who unwittingly becomes big in Bollywood.

Enlighten Us

A riveting CNN documentary that charts the rise and fall of motivational speaker James Ray.

Also on December 31: Ludo (an Indian horror film), Nuestros Amantes (a Spanish language romantic drama film)


Here are the newbies for the little ones this month…

December 1

Wanda and the Alien

Just a cartoon about a rabbit and her alien friend (as you do).

Tellur Aliens

A show about aliens on another planet (and their very-human problems). It’s got a villain in it so it’s probably not for very little ones.

Inspector Gadget: Season 1

A 2015 Canadian animated show that’s a sequel to the classic cartoon.

The Deep: Season 1

An adventurous, deep sea cartoon.

Turbo FAST: Season 1

A cartoon about racing snails.

December 6

Bob’s Broken Sleigh

A Christmas movie for kids about an elf with sleigh issues.

December 9

Luna Petunia: Season 1


A Netflix-developed cartoon for preschoolers that’s very colourful.

December 23

Trollhunters: Season 1

This is one you’ll want to watch with your kids: created by Guillermo de Toro and with voices from Kelsey Grammar, Anton Yelchin and more, it’s shaping up to be a quality series for children based around a 15-year-old’s adventures.

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