While the words ‘organic’, ‘paprika’ and ‘fruit pulp’ aren’t typically heard in a spa setting, maybe it is high time they should.


House Of Allure, an upscale spa in Al Bateen, offers guests a facial using products from the Hungarian organic skincare line Éminence, which uses natural ingredients from the garden to help rejuvenate skin.

The facial started with a quick cleanse before an AHA Fruit Pulp masque (complete with large flecks of chilli flake) was applied to the skin to help exfoliate and open the pores. While we did feel a couple of tingles along our forehead, it was only after our therapist topped up our skin with a layer of the paprika masque that we really started to feel the heat. Our skin immediately felt tight, itchy and hot. The masque was kept on for five minutes, while a quick scalp massage helped to distract us from the worst of the zinging.

Afterwards a cooling stone crop masque was applied to soothe the skin and was a welcome feeling made even better when a lovely smelling menthol rose hip masque was layered on top. The masques are used to hydrate and calm the skin. The treatment finished with a thorough but relaxing facial massage that saw the therapist pull the skin upwards, for a firmer and more toned appearance.

While we were prepared to come out looking like a tomato, our skin wasn’t as red as expected. Instead it looked as if we’d gone overboard with bronzer. However, our skin stayed orangey for the rest of the afternoon, so be sure to book the treatment when you don’t have to be anywhere immediately after.

The next morning our skin looked radiant and felt silky smooth. We recommend you try the facial if you’re after a less invasive, all-natural beauty treatment.

House Of Allure Beauty And Spa, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi, Dhs600. Tel: (02) 6666317. Taxi: next to Somali Embassy on Khaleej Al Arabi street. houseofallurespa.com

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