“I thought we were going out for a high-end meal”

Dinner in the Sky is back in Dubai.

Have no idea what that is? Well it’s where your table is hoisted 50 metres into the sky, via a crane to have a completely airborne dinner.

The chef and waiting staff will be winched up with you, allowing you to enjoy a meal with a serious view.


Don’t worry – you’re harnessed in. You can’t just slip and fall out of your chair, that’d be silly. The performers (yes, performers) and staff are also harnessed in.

dinner in the sky

Extreme violin

The table can sit 22 people, with the dining experience lasting around 85 minutes – including 20 minutes to seat the guests, 55 minutes for ‘flight’ duration and 10 minutes to unseat the guests.

“But where do I go to the bathroom?” you ask. Well, you don’t. You can, but it would involve lowering the table to the ground again. So make sure you go before your meal starts.

The Dinner in the Sky experience has been bouncing around the world for the past decade, having launched in Belgium and Germany 10 years ago it has been in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi before too.

The concept is now hosted in over 40 different countries around the world.

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The Dinner in the Sky UAE will be located down at the Habtoor Grand Resort on Al Falea Street in JBR.

Food-wise, the menu is yet to be revealed. However, the food does tend to be of the fine-dining variety.

dinner in the sky

We’re not going to lie, the food looks bangin’

Ticket prices have also not yet been announced, but they will vary depending on which meal you go for (breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner). We’ll keep you posted.

You can read more about Dinner in the Sky on their website.

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