Although does this mean we can no longer haggle?

Ever had a frustrating experience at the Deira Spice Market (when you just know in your bones that you’re being ripped off)?

Well, the good news is that’s about to be a non-issue, as the Department of Economic Development (DED) announced recently that all vendors at the city’s spice markets will now have to display price tags on their products.

The DED said visitors will have to display price tags clearly to ensure “equal treatment” for all residents and tourists, according to Gulf News.

Spice souk

That cinnamon should soon have a price tag on it…

Vendors are allowed to change the prices of items as often as they need to, but the updated price tag must always be displayed.

“We take into consideration the multicultural nature of different markets in Dubai, however these changes need to be made so that all consumers are treated fairly,” explained Abdul Latif Mohammad Al Marzouqi from the DED Consumer Protection Division.

Vendors have also been told not to hassle customers and tourists too much as they walk past their stores in an effort to drum up business (although that is kind of the market experience).

Have a customer complaint that you think warrants listening to? Well call the DED hotline at 600545555, in our experience, they’re very good at following up.

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