Love a zipline? Fancy yourself as a bit of an amateur Tarzan? You’ll want to try this…

Aventura Nature Adventure Park opened in Mushrif Park, Mirdif last December, and it involves everything from zip lining, to horizontal and vertical rope climbing walls, rope course challenges and more.

Think George of the Jungle with a few more safety procedures in place.

Here’s our video, complete with our rather-scared-of-heights reporter:

Located among a 35,000 square metre Ghaf tree forest in Mushrif Park, Mirdif, residents and tourists of all ages will be able to monkey around the canopy while strapped into safety lines.

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If you haven’t gathered, it’s all outdoors too. Which is great for the winter months, but come summer, Aventura may feel a bit more like Tarzan: The Saharan Chronicles.

aventura dubai

The ‘Xtreme’ course is 5 to 8 metres high.

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RANGERS: Suitable for children six and under. Composed of 19 obstacles which range between 1.5 to 2 metres high.

EXPLORADOR: Designed for children and adults, with 17 obstacles placed at 2 to 3 metres above ground.

AVENTURA: A circuit for youngsters and adults over 1.4 metres. The course contains 15 challenges at around 5 metres high.

XTREME: The hardest circuit of them all, including a 25-metre Tarzan jump. The circuit sits at around 5 to 8 metres tall.

THRILLER: Filled with zip-lines, including an 160-metre long zip-line across the park. Located at 9-metres high, yet not too challenging.


Everyone loves a good ol’ fashioned team building exercise with their colleagues (kidding). Luckily, Aventura’s facilities looks like they’ll make the whole ordeal a bit more fun.

Aventura offer corporate leadership and team building programmes and events, as well as field trip education packages to schools throughout the UAE.

aventura dubai

“I don’t wanna do team building. I just want a raise…”

Aventura’s co-founder Lina Malas said, “We believe that experiencing nature is a basic human need.

“Especially for youngsters who need persuasion to switch off their tablets or adults who are looking for something to help them escape their daily routines.”

aventura dubai

“Na na na na na na na na Tarzan! Wait… how did the theme song go?”


General access is Dhs150.

Access for children under 1.4 metres is Dhs125.

Groups of eight and above receive a 10 per cent discount.

School groups receive special rates.

Aventura, Mushrif Park, Mirdif, Dubai. Sun to Thu, 9.30am to 50pm, Fri to Sat 9.30am to 6pm. Tel: (056) 8871687. 

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Images: Supplied
Videographer – Kristina Nabieva
Video Editor – Donnie Miguel