After more than seven years, India’s most renowned musician is returning to perform in the UAE…

He’s a master of blending Indian classical music traditions with electronica and Western orchestral sounds – and the great news for fans in the UAE is that A.R. Rahman is returning to play in the UAE next month, and for the first time in seven years.

When? The composer will take over the Sharjah Cricket Stadium on Friday March 17, with tickets starting at Dhs50 a head.

A.R. Rahman (his initials stand for Allah-Rakha) has been dubbed “the Mozart of Madras” and has penned songs for countless Bollywood films.

Internationally he’s best known for the Academy-Award-winning fusion creation Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire: 

A.R. Rahman performed in the UAE back in 1997, and hasn’t been her for more than seven years.

And while he’s considered a composer first and foremost, Rahman does sing on many of his songs, and has a distinctive and beautiful voice. He’ll also bring along a whole troupe of musicians and singers with him to help perform his many hits.

Here he is singing a remixed version of one of his older mega-hits – Urvasi Urvasi – just three weeks ago. The video has since gone majorly viral, and you’ll see why:

His voice cuts right through us, so beautiful.

What’s your favourite A.R. Rahman song? Let us know in the comments below…

Here’s a glimpse of his latest work, the music he’s penned for the much-anticipated film Cheliyaa: 

Meanwhile, let’s finish things off with a Rahman Throwback Thursday (again, tune!…):

March 17, Sharjah Cricket Stadium. Tickets go on sale from Saturday February 11 on Platinumlist. Tel: (04) 456 2240.

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