Fancy a day-long, island-view, seaside party in Fujairah this weekend? Here you go…

Dubai party crew Deep Like is going to celebrate 100 parties with 25 hours of non-stop music at Snoopy Island this weekend. And they deserve to celebrate: Running a weekly club night is a test of endurance. The motley gang – with residents Jason Pinto, Hoolz, Sam Farsio and Joséphine de Retour – at its centre are just as loved as the party itself, and their milestone is testament to the strong ‘family’ values that connect the promoters to their loyal clubbers.

The people are what make the Deep Like parties…

On Friday, the Deep Like mob will be heading to Fujairah to throw their 100th party. They’ll be taking over the Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort – famous for its Snoopy Island backdrop – for a 25-hour musical throw down featuring headliners Animal Trainer and Monolink (live) and the extended family of Deep Like DJs.

You can catch the shuttle bus to and from Dubai, enjoy a sunset Friday barbecue, and the 25-hour party for Dhs350. You could also book a spot in Sandy Beach if you want to stay over too…


What: Deep Like 100

Where: Sandy Beach & Resort, 659 Aqqah, Fujeirah

When: Friday, March 24, at 4pm until Saturday March 25, at 5pm

Why: A 25-hour party with nine local and international guests? Sign us up!

How: Make your own way or catch the shuttle bus

Cost: Dhs300 (including sunset Friday BBQ between 4pm and 7pm), Dhs350 (including sunset Friday BBQ between 4pm and 7pm and shuttle bus to and from Dubai)

Info: More info on Facebook

Heads up: Call Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort on (056) 6294294 for room rates. Or call Deep Like on (050) 9369163 for advice on other hotels in the surrounding area

We talk to Jason Pinto and Hoolz about Deep Like’s success…

Jason Pinto – one of the minds behind Deep Like.

Why did you set up Deep Like?

Jason: To have a party that was more of a social gathering. If you wanted to dance you could be in front of the DJ booth and if you just wanted to socialise there was place in the back that you could chill out and catch up with mates.

How did you choose the guests for your 100th party?

Hoolz: When it came to international artists, we felt it necessary to bring back the guys that helped us start it all so Animal Trainer were a must. Monolink was one of the highlights from last year and the setting for Deep Like 100 couldn’t be any more fitting for a live artist of his kind. It also goes without saying that our residents and talented buddies Zone+ and Bachir Salloum had to be there.

Swiss duo Animal Trainer will be there.

Why are you throwing such a huge party away from the city?

Hoolz: Deep Like is all about creating an atmosphere to help the partygoer get away from the daily hustle of Dubai, so for the 100th edition we had to make it extra special. The awesome Sandy Beach Resort, with its Snoopy Island backdrop, couldn’t be a better spot to celebrate what we’ve built over the past two and a half years.

Sandy Beach will be the party’s venue for the weekend.

When was the first Deep Like party and did it run smoothly?

Hoolz: It was on November 6, 2014, on the fifth floor terrace at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel. Josephine De Retour started followed by Sam Farsio and we finished the night off with Animal Trainer.

Smoothly is not the way I would describe that night; we hadn’t finished building our furniture when the doors opened, the queue was absolute chaos and the venue had never run an event like ours. The crowd, the noise complaints from the hotel management, the bar running out of stock and the DJs rocking it made for a very memorable night but most of all, it was the high of a few hundred people raging on a terrace to some good vibes that really made that night unforgettable.

What’s the key to your success?

Jason: It has to be the people that keep going to our parties week in, week out. Close second is the music; featuring new music in a city dominated by expats looking for the something fresh is definitely key. And the outdoor spaces we’ve chosen mixed with our venue design tweaks have also been a dominant feature of our brand.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Hoolz: So many plans come up in our weekly get together sessions – different editions of Deep Like, a label or a festival even. Deep Like will keep evolving as long as the people that support us appreciate our love for what we do.

Interview: Stu Todd

Photos: Sandy Beach Hotel, Facebook, Supplied.