Noticed how your windows were all fogged up this morning? Well that’s because humidity levels have just skyrocketed in Dubai…

April is a month where Dubai temperatures rise but humidity tends to stay low (the steamy weather really ramps up come July).

But this week relative humidity across the UAE is peaking, and the UAE’s national weather service (NCMS) is predicting that across Dubai humidity will range from 40 per cent to 90 per cent today. Aka, keep your fluids up.

Here’s a map showing the humidity across the country as of 9.30am this morning:

Yes, that is a 100 per cent humidity reading in between Dubai and Al Ain…

The humidity at the Burj Khalifa weather station is currently only 26 per cent (but perhaps it’s stationed really high?!). Also, you can see that just inland from there is a 100 per cent humidity reading.

If yesterday is anything to go by, the humidity will peak at about 11am or 12pm today.


The NCMS forecasts that coastal humidity in the UAE will range from 30 per cent to 95 per cent.

The temperature has actually dipped by a few degrees this week, however with coastal temperatures ranging from 22 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius (whereas we had 40 degrees earlier this month).

But that doesn’t really matter, as when it’s more humid you’ll feel hotter. Why? Well let us leave it to the experts at MIT to explain…

“On dry days, sweat evaporates quickly, which means it also carries away heat faster. On humid days, when the air is already saturated with water, sweat evaporates more slowly. This explains why it feels so much hotter in high humidity.” 

Unfortunately when humidity rises in the hotter months we don’t get the majestic skyscraper hugging fog that we get in the winter months. But head here to see pictures and videos to remind you of just how magical that time of year is (and what’s in store for us once we get through the summer – well, first Spring).

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Photo: Getty Images