With another hectic clubbing season over, it’s rather nice to give our dancing feet a little rest.

The 2016/2017 party season was rather epic with endless parties, great gigs and amazing festivals. It wasn’t all plain sailing though with some clubs disappearing off the radar and a wet winter hampering several outdoor events. While the music is turned off, we asked local DJs, artists and promoters what changes they’d like to see when the beat kicks back in…

WOODLE (Bassworx)

“Next season I’d like to see… more ‘alternative’ night promoters please. Non-house options are incredibly limited at the moment.


“Next season I’d like to see… smaller parties, less mass tagging, more local live talent, more collaboration between promoters and another amazing Sole DXB. Banning bottle service wouldn’t be a bad shout either.”

LOBITO BRIGANTE (Deep Crates Cartel)

“Next season I’d like to see… more new players on the scene and also collaboration between people in the same community. It’s a small place and the community feels quite high school cliquey at the minute so it’s maybe time for a reboot.


“We’ve had some amazing, diverse and original bookings in the UAE this season – Ben UFO, Habibi Funk, Vladislav Delay and Appleblim, among others. Next season I’d like to see that continue to provide music lovers here with an alternative to the status quo Top 20 Resident Advisor DJs.

RON E JAXX (The Hangout)

“Next season I’d like to see… proper specialised urban nights where the guests, big spenders and managers do not interfere with the DJ’s set. Only then can DJs truly experiment and grow, break new songs and be strong as a music community.”

OLLY WOOD (Hollaphonic)

“Next season I’d like to see… more unique venues being used and licenses being issued. We’ve done car parks and beaches so how about a pop-up in the port or a rave on a cruise ship?”


“Next season I’d like to see… less VIP tables, more dancing.”


“Next season I’d like to see… more fresh venues for good underground music.”

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