Every month we get an inside look at Dubai from one of its residents. 

Last time UAE-based R&B artist Saad Brizzy shared his favourite music venues and now theatre co-founder Tiffany Schultz explains why she loves the dusty quarters of Al Quoz…

“Al Quoz is one place in Dubai where you really feel a community vibe. There are a lot of small family businesses and loads of creative energy. But mostly I love it because we’ve created our own little world within the creative bubble. The Courtyard Playhouse is a very warm, happy place that’s full of laughter, acceptance and real people.

While running the theatre takes up my entire existence, I’m still The Fridge’s No 1 fan. They were a huge inspiration for people like us – a small business founded on a passion for locally produced music.

I also love The Collective in The Courtyard where you can find leather-craft, organic food, and other interesting things.

The downstairs gallery at Total Arts is my favourite because I’m a big fan of Shaqayeq Arabi’s work. They have some fascinating installations and bring over some great Iranian artists.

For my tea and cake fix, Roseleaf Café  in the Garden Centre is my favourite. It has really lovely home baked goodies.

For artists, Al Quoz is like paradise. Explore a few unassuming warehouses and you’ll find some fascinating places. Take the Cityliner  for example. They manufacture large-scale metal signs, and the place is filled with machinery for cutting, joining and finishing metal-work.

I even recently joined Dubai Circus School in Al Quoz, where I am learning trapeze. How’s that for a hidden gem?”

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