An act of kindness by the Ajman ruler caught on camera…

A video of a Syrian man who lives in the UAE being reunited with his son after six years is being shared across social media in the UAE – and with good reason: it’s a touching moment:

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The man – Khalifa Rifai Al Khursan – didn’t even know his son had been given entry into the UAE until the moment he sees him in the video. In fact, in the clip you can hear the father exclaiming that he hadn’t even recognised his son at first.

You can then hear the dad thanking the Ajman ruler and asking God to bless his soul.

“When I went yesterday to receive the medical documents for the treatment of my daughter-in-law [who had also been apart from her husband for many years], I was in for a pleasant surprise,” the father told the Khaleej Times. “I did not know that my son had arrived in the Emirates, and when I saw him first, I thought the young man looks like my son. He approached me, and then I cried with joy.”


Well, the father, who lives in the UAE, had sent a request to Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, who has been the ruler of Ajman since 1981.

After speaking to the father about the son’s plight to come back to his family – he had ended up in Turkey, Sheikh Humaid issued a visa for his son, and then invited them both to his palace so that they could meet.

In the video you can even see Sheikh Humaid dabbing his eyes with a tissue, perhaps the reunion made him emotional.

In other news, Al Habtoor Motors heard about the father-son reunion and gifted the pair a car in order to make  their week that much more special.


In other Ajman news, Manar Al Iman Charity Private school in the emirate is now giving a free education to 800 Syrian children who have fled the country with their families. The children are aged between six and 16 and are being given extra English lessons too, as many of them don’t speak the language.