The first is open now in Al Garhoud Park with more to follow

Few things in life are better than sitting down in the shade of a tree, engrossing oneself in a good book.

Well, Dubai Municipality are striving to make it even easier for you to achieve that goal, announcing Tuesday that it will be opening a number of free libraries in parks across Dubai.

The first library, located in Al Garhoud Park, was inaugurated by HE Hussain Nasser Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality, with others set to roll out in the coming months.

Designed to encourage visitors to adopt better reading habits, each library will be equipped with a variety of knowledge sources, both in English and Arabic, that will offer information pertaining to the heritage, history, values and traditions of the UAE.

The libraries are powered by solar energy and have custom-built bookshelves designed to look like word “Read” in both languages to make them eye-catching to visitors.

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“We wish this initiative contributes in establishing the behaviour of reading and dissemination of knowledge as a cultural value among all segments of the society — whether citizens or residents or even the guests of the emirate among visitors of Dubai public parks — reflecting the bright image of the country as a platform for intellectuals and scholars at the Arab and international levels,” said Lootah.

The libraries will also accept donations, where visitors will be able to leave books behind to help the library’s collection grow, contributing to the sustainability of the initiative.

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Images: supplied, Getty