With Eid comes free parking across the city and extended public transport timing

The Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre has announced that parking in Dubai (and Abu Dhabi) will be free starting from 23 June and all the way through the Eid Al Fitr holiday next week. Happy days!

As the official dates of Eid have yet to be called (that depends on whether the moon is sighted the night before, meaning we won’t know until Saturday evening), we’ve been given two scenarios:

If Eid falls on Sunday (25 June), parking will be free starting 23 June until 7.59am on Wednesday (28 June) next week.

On the other hand, if Eid falls on Monday (26 June), then free parking across the city will be extended until next Saturday (1 July).

*Government confirms two working days off for Eid*

Either way this is great news, but if Eid is announced for Monday, it means that those going back to work next Wednesday will get an additional two days of free parking.

Ok, so it’s not as exciting as the long weekend we’d essentially be missing out on, but small mercies and all that…

What about public transport?

In order to deal with the influx of crowds that will descend upon the city next, the RTA has announced extended timings for public transport services.

Starting from Thursday (22 June), the Dubai Metro will be running until 2am every day until Monday (26 June).

Dubai Tram timings will be extended until 1am from Saturday (24 June) until next Thursday (29 June)

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Image: Getty