Free yourself from the burden of cumbersome shopping bags

Who doesn’t love an impromptu shopping spree? The only issue being, of course, that carrying around all those bags filled with goodies can be a right chore.

Well, Mall of the Emirates has come up with a clever, hands-free solution.

Partnering with delivery startup Fethcr, they are offering customers the convenience of dropping off their bags at multiple collection desks around the mall, with the option of picking them up later (after a meal, for instance) or having them delivered directly to their home.

The service has actually been undergoing trials since December 2016, and has had a 95 per cent satisfaction rating from customers who have used it. It is now rolling out across the entire mall to all customers.

Sounds great, how does it work?

The process is fairly simple, you start by dropping off your bags at any one of the collection points dotted around the mall – these are located on the ground floor at gates A, C and D.

You can store them there until you’re ready to leave and have them taken to your car or any of the hotels connected to the mall, completely free of charge.

Otherwise, you can schedule a home delivery either via the Fetchr app, the Mall of the Emirates app, or by calling 04 801 8188 at least 20 minutes before leaving the mall.

Same day deliveries for an unlimited number of bags within Dubai will be charged at Dhs30, while next-day deliveries cost Dhs18. Prices for deliveries outside of the emirate vary.

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Images: Instagram, Getty