We think it’s safe to say we’re now officially in the midst of summer…

The UAE has just hit 50 degrees Celsius for the first time this year (which is a bit of a summer rite of passage if you will).

The scorchio spot wasn’t near Dubai, but was Mezaira, where it hit 50.5 degrees Celsius at 2.30pm yesterday. 

Where’s Mezaira? It’s inland in Abu Dhabi, quite near the Saudi border (so it’s the part of the UAE where you feel truly dry heat):

What about Dubai? Well, the max temperature recorded at Dubai International Airport yesterday was 45 degrees Celsius, while the lowest temperature recorded was 31 degrees Celsius (and this would have been in the middle of the night). Average humidity at the Dubai weather station was 33 per cent.  

The weather forecast for tomorrow? This is what the UAE’s National Weather Service is saying in their forecast: “Hot in general and hazy at times.” Yep, that about sums it up.

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Remember, average max temperatures at the Dubai International Airport weather station go up by about one degree Celsius from June to July (from 39.7 degrees Celsius to 41.1 degrees Celsius) and then rise by a touch more from July to August (from 41.1 degrees Celsius to 41.4 degrees Celsius). So yes, the hottest months are ahead of us.

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The average max temperature in Dubai (near the airport) then drops to 39.1 degrees Celsius in September (but you’re looking at late October until your walk from the metro to the office gets truly comfortable again). Plus, the average max humidity spikes from August to September (in August it’s 73% and in September it’s 80%) – which is why September still feels so hot.

Oh, and here’s the temperature forecast for the next three days across the UAE:

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Photo: Getty Images