You might want to bookmark this new site…

The legalities around charity in the UAE can make figuring out how to help a tricky business – but, as part of the Year of Giving, the UAE government has just launched, a platform where you can find ways to volunteer that match your skills.

And the good news is that 80,000 people have already registered on the site in just two days. Any citizen or expat in the UAE can sign up as a volunteer, you just need to upload a photo, a passport copy, your Emirates ID copy and a copy of your residency.

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What kind of roles can you find on there? Well, there are tasks to be done in every emirate, and there’s a wide range of people needed. You’ll find everything from providing the elderly with physical therapy in Ajman, to being an ambassador for the UAE at an international expo in Astana (travel costs covered) and helping people in need in Dubai with art therapy.

Some opportunities need volunteers immediately, while others are planned well in advance – for instance, they’re already looking for 50 people to sign up to help with World Wetland Day in Dubai next February. They’re even looking for flag protectors and distributors to help out in the lead up to National Flag Day.

Remember, the site has just launched and there will be more volunteer tasks added every day so keep checking back.

Why use this site? Well, for starters, you can be safe in the knowledge that everything advertised on here is accredited by the UAE government. Plus, the site will provide you with an official record of your volunteer work with accredited documentation of hours and tasks completed, and there will be an opportunity to win Volunteer Awards through the programme.

Plus, you’ll be in good company – H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, shared his sign up page on Instagram, showing he’s enrolled – as did the UAE’s Crown Prince, the Minister of Tolerance and the Minister of Happiness, among others.

The site will also provide a platform for everyday Dubai residents to get seed funding for their volunteering ideas (kind of like Give A Little, but just more official).

Just FYI – we got the confirmation emails in Arabic when we signed up, so you might need to employ a little Google Translate. Want to know more? You can call (800) VOLAE for more info.


You can now contribute food to the UAE’s new Food Bank at more than 100 mosques around Dubai. More details on that soon…