These cats need a new home…

When the Deira Fish Market closed its doors last month, dozens of stray cats were left behind.

Without food scraps or water to survive now that the market has moved to a new location, many of these cats have sadly become ill and died.

The situation was growing more desperate by the day as the old fish market is set to be demolished at the end of the month.

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However, local cat rescuer Nataliya Kartavenko has been working hard to give the neglected animals a second chance at life. 

She said the fish market had been a popular dumping ground for unwanted pets.

With the help of other volunteers, she has been trapping the cats, arranging to have them neutered, and releasing them into cat-friendly communities.

She has also taken a number of sick kittens to the vet for treatment.

Nataliya was recently contacted by Dr Manal Al Mansoori, director of the Yanni animal welfare group, who arranged a meeting with Dubai Municipality to help the remaining animals.

As a result of the meeting, Dubai Municipality has managed to save around 80 cats.

The rescued cats will be neutered and re-homed in new areas.


If you would like to help in some way or even adopt one of the cats, you can contact Nataliya via her Facebook page here, or email her at

Nataliya says she has many cats that need new homes and once the cats from the fish market are healthy enough, they will be available for adoption too.

You can also check out the following Facebook pages: Save Dubai Stray Cats, Street Paws, and Bin Kitty Collective.

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