Should be helpful for those massive summer power bills…

Summer in Dubai means less traffic on the roads and crowds in the malls (yay!) but, to a lot of people, it also means massive electricity and water bills (boo!). While there are a number of energy saving tactics you can employ to keep costs down, there’s still no avoiding ending up with a bill that can often be several times higher than in the cooler months.

To that end, DEWA has announced that some of its customers are now able to pay their monthly water and power bill on an installment plan of up to 12 months. And the best part? It’s completely interest-free with no additional charges. The only catch being that the bill needs to be Dhs500 and above.

*DEWA doesn’t want you to use your appliances between noon and 6pm*

Currently the service is only available to Emirates NBD customers who pay their bills using an Emirates NBD credit card, but we suggest contacting your bank to see if they will be offering a similar service in the immediate future.

If you are already an Emirates NBD customer, then you can sign up via the bank’s website or using their mobile banking app.

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Image: getty