Burn off some calories before a late-morning shopping spree

It can be tough to keep one’s fitness routine going in the summer, which is why Mall of the Emirates have announced that they are holding free classes for fitness fanatics of all levels.

The classes kick off at 8.30am sharp every Sunday to Thursday, before the mall’s official opening time, and included a variety of workouts.

Here’s what’s on offer:

Sundays – Mall Walkers

Time: 8.30am Location: Ski Dubai Foyer

A brisk power walk through the 2.4 million sq m shopping mall before the crowds descend. Led by an instructor who will guides you through circuits (complete with pre and post stretching sessions) in the a well lit, and climate controlled environment.

Mondays – Mall Circuits

Time: 8.30am Location: Ski Dubai Foyer

A more intense version of Sunday’s walk, with additional interval training stops to get the blood pumping.

Tuesdays – FlyWheel

Time: 8.30am Location: Ski Dubai Foyer

Conducted in association with FlyWheel Dubai, these 45 minute spinning classes combine a high impact workout with a fun and friendly atmosphere. Instructors help craft a personalised cycle workout for your skill level, while working arms with weighted bars.

Wednesdays – FlyBarre

Time: 8.30am Location: Ski Dubai Foyer

A total-body sculpting class that combines light weight training with core strengthening exercises. It’s high energy and routines are frequently switched up so you won’t get bored.

That should help you shed some calories and work up an appetite for some late-morning shopping. You can register your interest here.

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