And you can follow her adventures via Instagram…

Any cat owner will tell you that while they are often taken with flights of adventure, felines are at their most comfortable when at home – especially sitting right on top of your keyboard so you can’t get any work done.

That’s not the case for one European shorthair named Mogli, however, who is currently on an epic, cross-continental road trip with her owner Martin Kaluka. Their final destination? Why, Dubai, of course.

The pair set off from Rosenheim in Bavaria, Germany on 25 August and have been cataloguing their travels via the Instagram account @motomogli.

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They have so far passed through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia, couchsurfing and camping, and hope to reach Dubai by November, travelling through a total of 15 countries along the way.

Mogli is apparently a keen travel buddy, having taken to riding shotgun from the first moment she was placed in the tank bag of Martin’s bike. Thankfully, she is microchipped and vaccinated against rabies meaning she can cross borders without needing to go through a quarantine period.

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Speaking to The National, Kaluka, who has previously travelled around Vietnam by motorbike, said that he would need to take several challenges into account in order to accommodate for Mogli. These include bringing extra cat food, finding places for her to do her business and taking longer breaks between destinations.

Upon arrival in Dubai, Martin plans to find work and stay for few months to save up enough money for the duo to hit the road again.

Safe travels Mogli and Martin, we hope to see you in Dubai soon!

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