It will have two iconic super-tall towers, as well as over 200 retail outlets…

Forget Downtown Dubai, there’s a brand new commercial and residential district due to begin construction later this year and it’s called, you guessed it, Uptown Dubai.

Operated by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the project is located within walking distance of JLT and will feature more than 200 retail outlets and restaurants, as well as 3,000 residences, across 10 million square feet.

No renders or images of what the area will look like when completed, but the developers are promoting it as the new “Hotspot of Dubai”, labeling it a “premium district”.

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The focal point of the area will be two super-tall towers designed by architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill (who are also behind the 1km Kingdom Tower currently under construction in Jeddah), as well as several luxury hotels.

A two-level central plaza, that DMCC is saying will be larger than Times Square in New York, will sit atop the area’s main podium, 28 metres above ground, and house retail outlets and a mall, as well as provide direct access to both towers.

But wait, wasn’t there already meant to be something else being built in that spot?

That’s right, the 700 metre Burj2020 tower, originally announced in 2015, was scheduled to be built on this exact spot but it looks like plans have changed.

While that particular building was expected to be completed by 2020, we’re instead now getting two iconic towers (the height of which have yet to be revealed) with phase one and two of the project set to be underway by the end of 2017.

There’s no word yet on when the project is to be completed.

Google Maps shows an entry for Burj2020 where Uptown Dubai will now take its place:

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Images: Dubai Media Office, Google Maps