Rental prices start at just Dhs5 per hour…

Electric cars are the future but let’s face it, not everyone can afford to drive around in a Tesla.

Thankfully, there’s now a way zip about Dubai in an electric vehicle without the need to plonk down cold hard cash to buy one outright.

A number of all-electric Renault Zoe cars have just been added to the rental fleet of, which the online car rental company has announced will be available for hire for as little as Dhs5 per hour.

The offer is open to both residents and visitors to Dubai, and is based on a minimum of 24 hours rental within a 250km driving range. Still, that works out to Dhs120 per day, which is significantly cheaper than making loan repayments on a Dhs320,000+ Tesla Model X.

Sounds great, but what about charging it? has teamed up with DEWA to give its customers access to over 90 charging stations across Dubai – and the best part? Charging will be completely free.

Other benefits include free parking in designated areas as well as free Salik tags, which falls in line with an announcement made back in September by the RTA and DEWA that electric vehicles will be receiving heavy subsidies until 2019 as an incentive for more people to adopt them.

You can find out more details and the complete list of charging stations here.

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